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France: Medal for Civilian Prisoners, Deported Persons & Hostages 1914-1918 (Medaille Des Prisonniers Civils, Deportes et Otages 1914-1918)

With official Paris Mint 'Cornucopia' logo and 'Bronze' marks on reverse

Instituted in 1936, this retrospective award is estimated to have been awarded to approximately 11,000 civilians prisoners, hostages and deportees of the Great War

Condition: Toned about EF

Code: 17304

35.00 GBP

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France: Combatants Cross (Croix Du Combatant)

Medal with official Paris Mint 'Cornucopia' logo and marks indented on reverse arms of cross

The medal fitted and suspended form its original stitched silk riband

Condition: GVF

Code: 18828


France: Colonial Medal (La Medaille Coloniale). 1st 'Premier' type medal. With 3 x clasps 'Algerie' Tonkin' & 'Afrique Occidentale Francaise'

Medal is of the first 'Premier Type' with makers marks for 'Mercier' on double sided wreath suspension

The medal with Paris Mint 'Cornucopia' logo, and word 'Argent' (silver) indented on rim of medal

All 3 x clasps are of the official Paris Mint 'Clapet' type, and all bearing multiple mint & silver assay marks, or 'poincons' on both the obverse and on the backstraps of the clasps

'Algerie': Instituted on 6 March 1894, this clasp was made retrospective to include numerous specified qualifying campaigns from 1827 through to 1912

'Tonkin': Instituted on 7 June 1895, the clasp was awarded for numerous campaigns and expeditions in North Vietnam, between 1893-1928

'Afrique Occidentale Francaise': Instituted in 1901, the clasp was awarded in respect of numerous specified qualifying expeditions and services in Togo, Cameroon, Sudan, Dahomey, Guinea, Mauritania

A very good example of a multi-clasp French Colonial Medal, representing diverse service in North Africa, Indochina & West Africa

Condition: About GVF

Code: 20365


Colonial France (French Union Army) Kingdom of Laos - Parachutists Brevet Wings. White metal and gilt

The Laotian paratroopers owed their origin and traditions to the French airborne forces of the First Indochina War, during which 2 x Laotian airborne units were raised in 1948 and 1951 respectively. Both of the Laotian airborne units were heavily engaged during the French Indochina War and both earned high praise for their prowess in the field while under active combat conditions

This die-struck badge from circa 1953-1954. Complete with rear post and rod fittings, as worn

The insignia with official French makers marks on reverse 'Les Insignies Militaires DRAGO 3.R. De Romainville Paris', and below the warning 'Reproduction Interdite' (Reproduction Forbidden)

The famous French insignia maker DRAGO was located at 3 Rue De Romainville, Paris, in the period 1952-1960

A superb item of Laos 'Para' insignia dating from the era of the French Indochina War


Condition: GVF

Code: 19892

60.00 GBP

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France: Colonial Medal (la Medaille Coloniale). Second type official Paris Mint medal with single sided wreath suspension. With gilt clasp 'Maroc 1925'

The medal is of the second official Paris Mint type with single sided suspension wreath

Medal with Paris Mint twin 'Cornucopia' logos and numeral '2' in between, on reverses of medal

The clasp is of the official type by Paris maker 'Chobillon', with a well struck makers mark stamped in the centre of the back strap of clasp

'Maroc': The clasp was instituted on 6 January 1926, and was awarded for active service between 15 April to 31 December 1925, during the Rif War fought in Morocco against the Berber forces of the legendary Aran nationalist leader Abd el-Krim. At the height of the Rif War, the French and Spanish combined military forces numbered as many as 250,000 'All-Ranks' deployed in the field.

The medal fitted with a good length of original moire stitched silk riband

Condition: GVF

Code: 19921

65.00 GBP

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France: Resistance Medal 1940-1945 (Medaille de la Resistance). 2nd Class award

This was only the second decoration created by the Free French, under General De Gaulle Instituted in 1943 and awarded in two classes

The medal with Paris Mint 'Br' mark & 'Cornucopia' logo on reverse

The silk riband attached to a two pronged mounting pin (epingle) as -worn in the traditional French style

Condition: Toned EF

Code: 19086

45.00 GBP

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France: Medal for the Defenders of Belfort 1870-1871 (La Medaille Des Defenseurs de Belfort)

This silver veterans medal was instituted in 1910 by the Council of the Municipality of Belfort, for award to the defenders of Belfort during the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-1871

Obverse bears the iconic 'Lion of Belfort' monument - the largest stone statue in France - designed by the famous French sculptor Auguste Bertholdi (whose most famous work was the Statute of Liberty) and unveiled as a memorial to the defenders of Belfort in 1880

The siege of Belfort lasted 104 days before the defenders were able to retire with full military honours

It is estimated that the garrison of Belfort comprised about 17,700 all-ranks, of whom 4,750 were killed, along with 336 civilians. The Germans lost about 2,000 men during the siege

Note: Apart from awards of the Legion D'Honneur / Medaille Militaire for specific acts of distinguished service, there was no official campaign medal awarded for the Franco-Prussian War until the creation of the commemorative medal instituted in 1911

The original stitched silk riband fitted with a contemporary safety pin for wear, and as issued to veterans

A scarce and desirable 'Battle' medal

Condition: GVF

Code: 19389

150.00 GBP

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France: Medal for the Rhineland (M?daille de Rhenanie). 1st type reverse

The medal has the scarcer 1st type reverse - with makers marks (Arthus Bertrand) and word 'Bronze' stamped on rim

Awarded for occupation service in Germany i.e., Rhur, Rhine & Tyrol, in the post war years following the Great War

The medal riband fitted with a good long length of original silk 'moire' riband

Condition: GVF

Code: 19381

65.00 GBP

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France: Medal for the Refractory (Medaille du Refractaire / Insignie du Refractaire)

Instituted in 1963, the medal was awarded to French nationals who purposely escaped the compulsory German labour transportation orders to be sent to Germany to work for the German War effort

With Paris Mint logo and metal hallmarks on reverse field

Condition: GVF

Code: 19378

35.00 GBP

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France: National Defence Medal (Medaille de la Defense Nationale). Ordnance model medal. 3rd Class, or 'Bronze' grade with clasp 'Materiel'

The clasp denotes specialist qualifying service with the 'Maintenance & Repair' department of the French Army

Medal riband fitted with a two-pronged mounting pin, or 'Epingle', as worn in the French style

Condition: EF

Code: 19376

28.00 GBP

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