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Taiwan (Republic of China): Army - 'Chiang Fen' Medal of Army Achievement. 1st Class (Awarded to Officers of rank Major and above). Established 5 May 1958 (For Meritorious Service to the Army)

Condition: EF

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1914 Princess Mary's Christmas Fund Box

Sold together with original 'New Year Card 1915' insert

The box bright in undamaged condition, with all hinges intact

Note: Postage may be higher than estimated for overseas destinations

Condition: About EF

Code: 18888Price:

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Miniature Medals: A pair of Great War campaign medals

- British War Medal. Silver. With straight swivel suspension
- Interallied Victory Medal

Condition: GVF

Code: 18890Price: 12.00 GBP

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Royal Army Medical Corps: Pair 'Facing' of Officers 'Kings's Crown' gilt and white metal collar badges

Circa 1902-1952, as worn on R.A.M.C. Officers dress uniform / mess kit through both World Wars

With makers marks 'J.R. Gaunt, London' on reverse of one badge

Both badges retaining their original loop fittings on reverse

Condition: GVF

Code: 18891Price: 20.00 GBP

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Royal Engineers. George V. Bronze Cap Badge

A good NCO's type 'Bronze' cap badge from the era of the Great War

The badge retaining the original brass slider fitting to reverse

Code: 18892Price: 15.00 GBP

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Temperance Interest: Lot of Ephemera & Badges: Royal Engineers Brompton BarracksTemperance Society 'Pledge', in named envelope of issue

The pledge is named to 'Boy' C.C.G. Gordon of the Royal Engineers and dated 20 November 1889.

At the time of taking the pledge 'Cosmo Charles Glennie Gordon' had just turned 17 - he ended up a retired QM Lieutenant and Hony Captain.

The 'Pledge' is in excellent condition - and scarce found

2). Silver, or white metal cross. Central design has crossed flags, including one with a Union Flag in quadrant (Naval Ensign?). Central inscription 'LIFE ABSTAINER'

The arms of the cross bear letters G H Q S - I do not know what this is, but the cross certainly bears a similarity to early CETS temperance crosses.

Perhaps something related to 'Gibraltar'?

3). British and Foreign Sailors Society. Pewter cross

Condition: About EF

Code: 18993Price:

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A Napoleonic Wars medal pair to a Dragoon who served at Wagram (1809) & Borodino (1812), later Prisoner-of-War, Russia 1812-1815: Gendarme Francois Joseph Wernert, Gendarmerie Nationale, 22nd Legion, La Compagnie de la Meurthe, late 28th Light Dragoons

- Legion D'Honneur. 1848-51 'Presidency'type. 5th Class 'Chevalier' breast badge
- France: St Helena Campaign Medal 1792-1815 (Médaille de Sainte-Hélène)

Sold together with;

- Original named and numbered award certificate for the St. Helena Medal awarded to 'Wenert, Francois Joseph, ancien militaire au: 28e Dragons'. Grande Chancellerie No 51,843

Important: The award of 'Knight' (Chevalier) of the Legion of Honour was published in the Bulletin of Laws (Bulletin des Lois) issue of 10 December 1851 (B. No 228 page 125)

Note: The recipients Legion of Honnour 'Dossier' is accessible on-line on the 'Leonore' searchable database see dossier LH/2754/26 (a soft copy will be sent to the buyer)

Francois Joseph Wernert was a native of Monwiller, located in the district of Saverne, Bas-Rhin region of France, where was born on 17 April 1789. Francois first entered military service on 21 May 1808, on which date he joined the 28th Dragoons, a light cavalry regiment of Emperor Napoloen Bonaparte's 'Grande Armee'. His extant dossier held by the Chancellery of the Legion D'Honneur, confirm that he saw active service in the Austria Campaign of 1809 (at Wagram, the 28th Dragoons, earned their first battle honour)s for the Napoleonic War's) and during the ill-fated Russia Campaign of 1812 (the 28th Dragoons, fought at the great battle of 'Borodino' or 'Las Moskowva' before entering Moscow). Francois, like the majority of the French cavalry, then suffered the ordeals of the 'Retreatt' of the Grande Armee through Russia during the winter of 1812, where the regiment served in numerous actions, and was ultimately destroyed, losing it's 'Eagle' in-the-field to Cossaks. Francois was not however one of the lucky few to escape rom Russia, and instead on 21 December 1812, became a Prisoner-of-War like one of an estimated 110,000 'Grande Armee' soldiers captured in the 1812 campaign. Unlike the majority of Grande Armee POW's, who subsequently died in captivity in Russia (an estimated 65,000 died of wounds, ill-health and adverse weather) - Francois was one of the lucky few who survived 3 years of captivity, before being repatriated to France sometime in 1815. On 26 January 1818, Francois married Marguerite Schick at Monwiller, Bas-Rhein, and is recorded as having enlisted in the Nationale Gendarmerie on 31 october 1825, in which force he served as a Gendarme in the 22nd Legion, La Compagnie de la Meurthe, and is the unit shown on his Legion of Honour nominations held by the Chancellery of the Legion D'Honneur in Paris

Note: The Battle of Borodino (or, Battaile de la Moskowa) was fought in Russia on 7 September 1812, during the French invasion of Russia. More then a quarter of million troops were involved, with an estimated 70,000 casualties - the bloodiest battle of the entire French revolutioanry and Napoleonic wars. At Borodino, Napoleon's Grande Armée launched an attack against the Russian army, driving it back from its initial positions but failing to gain a decisive victory, albeit it did pave the way to the brief occupation of the city of Moscow

There Would have been very few veterans of the Grande Armee serving in uniform in 1851, to receive the Legion D'Honneur

A superb & highly desirable 1st Empire veterans ensemble, including a scarce issue '2nd Republic Legion D'Honneur'

LOH medal with enamel chips, cracks & wear commensurate with age. St Helena Medal EF on original silk riband, and the St Helena cerificate in handled used condition folded

Sold with copied Legion D;Honneur dossier (7 x pages) which will be forwarded as a soft-copy file by email attachment

Condition: LOH with commensurate enamel wear GF, the medal EF

Code: 19094Price:

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Medal for Internal Security (Médaille de la Sécurité Intérieure). Ordnance model of 'Bronze' grade with clasp 'NEPAL'

The riband fitted with a two pronged mounting pin, or 'epingle' as worn in the French tradition

Condition: EF

Code: 19230Price:

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A rare attributed Purple Heart medal group of 3 to a Scottish resident of the Hawaii Islands, who was 'Killed in Action' at Saipan: Private First Class Pearson Skene, Jr., HQ Co, 1st Battalion 105th Infantry Regiment, 27th Infantry Division, United States

- Purple Heart attributed to Charles P. Skene Jr
- Asia Pacific Campaign Theater Medal
- Allied Victory Medal

Note: All medals being contemporary original issues on silk ribands, with correct brooch fittings exactly as issued by the War Department

Sold together with;

- Digital photo of group of officers of The Hawaii Rifles, inc Lt. Skene (extreme left)
- Copy set of records from United States War Department pertaining to recipients death

This last mentioned is a multi-page copy of 'Individual Deceased Personal File' from Department of the Army, United States. This includes a most detailed and poignant set of correpondence pertaining to the recovery of the recipient’s body in-the-field, and subsequent reburials. PFC Skene was 'Killed-in-Action' due to being hit in the skull by shell-fire

The below obituary (including garbled sentence and wrong date of education) with photograph of the fallen, was published in The Aberdeen Press & Jornal newspaper issue of 24 August, 1944



An Aberdeen sugar planter. Mr Charles P. Skene, second son of Mr & Mrs. C. P. Skene, 2 Queens Gardens, has been killed in action against the Japanese while serving with the American forces in the South Pacific.

He fell in the fighting which led to the capture by the Americans of Saipan - the Bomb Tokio island (sp)

When Japan opened hostilities against America, Mr Skene was serving as a Lieutenant with the Hawaii Rifles, a local defence force, but he decided to join the American Army

For fifteen years he had been on the sugar plantations at Honomu, Hawaii, where he was a field superintendent.

When news of his death was received at Honomu a special memoral service was held

Mr Skene was a popular figure in Honomu. A former member of the 1st Aberdeen Troop of the Boy Scouts, he started a Boy Scout troop for the natives

He was also an enthusiastic sportsman, and was also a member of the team which won the basketaball League championship in 1941. It was a tream of many nationalities, no fewer than five of Mr Skene's tem mates were Japs

Thirty five (?) years ago Mr Skene was a pupil of Aberdeen Grammar School

The same newspaper subsequently published the below Purple Heart award announcement, in their issue of 9 December 1944




Mr & Mrs. C. P. Skene, 2 Queens Gardens, Aberdeen. have received a letter signed by Mr Henry L. Stimson, Secretary for War, U.S.A., announcing that their son, Pte. (First Class) Charles P. Skene, has been awarded the Purple Heart.

Pte. Skene lost his life when fighting with the American Army on the attack on Saipan

Mr. Stimson in his letter stated that he was writing on behalf of the President

Before joining the American Army, Pte. Skene was for fifteen years on sugar plantations at Honomu, Hawaii. He is a former pupil of the Aberdeen Grammar School


Charles Pearson Skene, Jr, Private (Ist Class), United States Army, second son of Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Skene, 2 Queen's Gardens, Aberdeen, Scotland was killed in action on Saipan Island, South Pacific,on 12th July 1944, aged thirty-five. He left Scotland for Hawaii at the end of 1928, and became a field superintendent on sugar plantations at Honomu. He started a Boy Scout troop for the natives and in 1941 he was manager of the team which won the basket ball league championship, a team of several nationalities, no fewer than five being Japanese. When Japan opened hostilities, he was serving as a Lieutenant with the Hawaii Rifles, a local defence force, but he subsequently decided to join the United States Army. All reports from his officers and from the men who fought the enemy by his side contained praise of his exemplary conduct in action, for which he was awarded the Combat Infantry Badge. In September 1944 his father received the following letter from Mr. Henry W.Stimson, then Secretary of War in the United States:-"At the request of the President, I write to inform you that the Purple Heart has been awarded posthumously to your son, Private (1stClass) Charles P. Skene, Junior, Infantry, who sacrificed his life in defense ofhis country. Little thatwe can do or say will console you for the death of your loved one. We profoundly appreciate the greatness of your loss, for in a very real sense the loss suffered by any of us in this battle for our country is a loss shared by all of us." His body, originally interred in Saipan Island, was re-interred in Hilo Military Cemetery, Hawaii, in March 1949, with full military honours

A rare Purple Heart group to a Scotsman, and long-term resident of Hawaii

Condition: EF

Code: 17639Price: 1000.00 GBP

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Belgium: Order of Leopold (Ordre de Léopold / Leopoldsorde). Civil Division. 4th Class (Officer). Uni-lingual (pre-1952) French language legend. With silk rosette on riband

A silvered, gilt and enamel item of insignia, with intricate hinged supension

Note: An exceptionally fine crafted item of quality insignia

The Order of Leopold is the premier national order in the Belgian order of precedence, and was established in 1832

This type of insignia was widely awarded to British officials, diplomats and officers of the uniformed services during the World Wars

With small chip to reverse lower arm of cross

Condition: GVF

Code: 18171Price: 100.00 GBP

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