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Conspicuous Gallantry Medal. GVI first issue

The medal fitted with the 'Naval' riband and is un-attributed & un-named as issued, to foreign nationals

The medal with GVI first type swivel suspension

The reverse of the naval riband fitted with mounting brooch, as-Issued, this retaining the original hinged pin and clasp fittings

Reference 'British Gallantry Awards' (Abbott & Tamplin, 1981), a total of only 72 x CGM's (Naval) were awarded during the reign of King George VI, tp British and British Empire naval forces. In addition there were a further 8 x honorary awards made to allied personnel, comprising;

- 4 to United States Marine Corps
- 1 to United States Navy
- 2 to Royal Norwegian Navy
- 1 to French Navy

Note: The CGM (Flying) medal is identical to the CGM to naval personnel, and by appearance only differs by the colour of the riband (it is light blued edged with dark blue). An equally rare decoration, the CGM (Flying) was awarded on 109 occasions to British and British Empire air force personnel during the Second World War, all of which were gazetted. In addition there were 2 x honorary awards of the CGM (Flying) awarded to foreign allied avaiators, vis;

- 1 to Polish Air Force
- 1 to United States Army Air Force

An extremely rare example of a most prestiguous naval bravery decoration

Reverse of riband with soil marks

Condition: About GVF

Code: 18738Price:

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King’s Commendation for Brave Conduct. Pair (2 x) 'King's Crown' issues

The insignia with voided centres and red inserts

The insignia virtually as issued, with all pins and clasps intact

Contained within original red card box of issue

Condition: EF

Code: 18583Price: 245.00 GBP

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