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France: Saint Helena Medal 1792-1815 (Médaille de Sainte-Hélène 1792-1815)

The first official campaign medal to be awarded by France

The St. Helena Medal was awarded retrospectively to veterans of the 'Grande Armee' who had fought and otherwise served during the various campaigns and wars of the Napoleonic era 1792-1815

Condition: GVF

Code: 18861Price:

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India General Service 1854. Glazed and gilded. With clasp 'Pegu'

A magnificent un-marked H.E.I.C. presentation piece

The silver medal exquisitely gilded, with the planchet contained within obverse and reverse sealed glazed lunettes

A choice item of Honourable East India Company history

Condition: EF

Code: 18713Price: 395.00 GBP

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India General Service Medal 1854-95. Silver issue with clasp 'Chin Hills 1892-93 (1636 Sapper Asariah Q.O. Mad. S. & M.)

Official corrections to naming, and typical for this particular medal & clasp issue

Recipient was an Indian soldier holding the rank of Sapper while serving with the Queen's Own Madras Sappers & Miners

Reference 'A Dangerous Game. British Colonial Warfare on the Indian Sub-Continent 1854-1892. Volume IV (Parritt & Waibel, 2010), it is confirmed that the Queen's Own Sappers & Miners participated in the Chin Hills expeditions of 1892-1893, with '100 x Rifles from 'B Company'Queen's Own Madras Sappers & Miners, being present with the 4th 'Nwengal' Column that deployed in theatre on 3 January 1893

Note: The medal clasp 'Chin Hills 1892-93' was instituted by Army Order 9 of 1903 in respect of various operations (there were 9 x different columns) in the Chin Hills region between 19 October 1892 - 10 March 1893

'Bazaar Wallah' silver test marks on rim of medal otherwise, a scarce and desirable clasp to the IGS 1854 series

Condition: Toned about GVF

Code: 19337Price:

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India General Service 1854-95, 2 clasps, Bhootan, North West Frontier (Sepoy Suntea Thappa, 66th or Goorkha Regt.)

Note: Upper clasp attached by rivets. With small 'Bazaar Wallah' silver test mark on rim

Recipient was a Sepoy (Rifleman) serving with the 66th or Goorkha Regiment of the Indian Army

In 1881 this Gurkha regiment was retitled 1st Gurkha (Rifle) Regiment

Condition: VF

Code: 16141Price: 345.00 GBP

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India General Service 1854-95, 3 clasps, Burma 1885-7, Burma 1887-89, N.E. Frontier 1891 (833 Sepoy Banbir Thapa (2d.) 44th. Bl. Infy.)

Note: Reference 'British Battles & Medals' (Seventh edition, 2006) the regiment, a 'Gurkha' class regiment, is confirmed as being present in all the campaigns commemorated on this particular multi-clasp medal

The lower clasp with adpated lugs to mount the subsequent clasps - and atypical thus for medals originally issued with flush clasps, which needed to be removed and or adpated to mount subsequent later issue clasps

The recipient was a Gurkha soldier serving as a Sepoy (Private) in the 44th Regiment, Gurkha (Light) Infantry of the Indian Army

The regiment was restyled becoming restyled as 8th Gurkha Rifles in 1903 - and a unit with a long and distinguished history of campaign service on the North East Frontier of India, Burma and in Tibet

Condition: About GVF

Code: 18711Price: 350.00 GBP

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China Medal 1857-60. No clasp

Un-named as issued to Royal Navy and Royal Marines personnel who served n China during the 'Second Opium War'

Condition: GVF

Code: 19338Price: 275.00 GBP

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Afghanistan Medal 1878-80. With 2 x clasps 'Ali Musjid' 'Kabul' (Subr. Roop Singh Lama, 4th Goorkha Regt.)

Important: Recipient was a Native Officer, holding the appointment rank of 'Subadar' while serving with the 4th Goorkha Regiment

The 4th Goorkha Regiment was restyled the 4th Gurkha (Rifle) Regiment in 1891; 4th Gurkha Rifles in 1901 and as 4th Prince of Wales's Own Gurkha Rifles in 1924. The regiment continues to serve in the Indian Army today as the 4th Gorkha Rifles

Condition: GVF

Code: 14895Price:

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India General Service Medal 1895-1902. Victoria obverse, bronze issue with clasp 'Relief of Chitral 1895'(414 Dooly Bearer Chunni Comst. Transpt. Deptt.)

The recipient was an attested native non-combatant 'Follower', performing the trade of 'Dooly Bearer' (Carrier of personnel or supplies) whle serving with the Commissariat, Transport Department, a supplies unit of the British Indian Army

The 'Dooly' was a native 'Palanquin', or litter, where two or four 'Dooly Carriers' would carry invalided men, or supplies, suspendend from shoulder high bamboo poles from which were strung / suspended canvas litters / sheets

The medal in uncommonly good condition for awards of this era issued to non-combatant followers

Condition: About EF

Code: 18968Price:

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India General Service 1895-1902, 1 clasp, Punjab Frontier 1897-98 (3824 Sepoy Shah Dal Q O Corps of Guides Infy.)

Recipient was an Indian soldier holding the rank of Sepoy (Private) serving with the Queens Own Corps of Guides Infantry, a regiment of the Indian Army

The Corps of Guides (comprising both Cavalry and Infantry regiments) was arguably the most distinguished and battle corps of the British Indian Army. With the regimental centre located at 'Mardan' Cantonment in the North West Frontier Province, the 'Guides' were an integral component of the 'Punjab Frontier Force' and prior to the Great War deployed in numerous campaigns and wars on the North West Frontier of India, as well as fighting further afield in the Punjab during the Second Sikh War; at Delhi during the Indian Mutiny, and several campaigns during the Afghanistan War of 1878-1880. Prior to 1914, the Guides Infantry earned the below following battle honours;

- Mooltan
- Goojerat
- Delhi 1857
- Ali Masjid
- Kabul 1879
- Afghanistan 1878-80
- Chitral
- Malakand
- Punjab Frontier

A choice condition medal to 'the' most distinguished regiment of the British Indian Army

Condition: About EF

Code: 18708Price: 195.00 GBP

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India General Service Medal 1895-1902. Victoria obverse, silver issue with 2 x clasps 'Punjab Frontier 1897-98' & 'Tirah 1897-98' (2036 Pte. F. Xavier, 21st Madras Pioneers)

The recipient was a Eurasian, or South Indian of the Christian faith, who served as a Private soldier with the 21 Madras Infantry (Pioneers), an infantry regiment of the British Indian Army

The 21st Madras Pioneers was one of only two units - and the only 'infantry' regiment - from the Madras Presidency, to deploy to theatre and subsequently receive the battle honours 'Punjab Frontier' & 'Tirah' (the other Madras unit to serve and receive those battle honours was the Qeens Own Madras Sappers & Miners)

A choice example of this medal type

The 21st Regiment of Madras Infantry (Pioneers) were re-styled as 21st Madras Pioneers in 1901, and in 1903 were restyled as 81st Pioneers. In 1922 the regiment became 10th Battalion 1st Madras Pioneers. In 1933 the Madras Pioneers were disbanded

A choice example of a medal to a soldier from a minority class that was only recruited in the Madras Presidency

Condition: About EF

Code: 18964Price: 175.00 GBP

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