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Bulgaria (Kingdom). War Medal 1915-1918

Mounted on original tri-fold silk riband

Some fraying to front of riband

Condition: About EF

Code: 18204Price: 20.00 GBP

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Bulgaria (Peoples Republic of Bulgaria, 1946-1990): Spanish Civil War Medal for Bulgarian Volunteers of the International Brigades, 1936-1939

Medal fitted with full length five sided riband mount. This latter retaining the hinged pin and clasp fittings on reverse as issued

Instituted on 22 May 1974, the medal was awarded to all living veterans of the Bulgarian communist brigades that served in the Spanish Civil War 1936-1939


Condition: About EF

Code: 19321Price:

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Cambodia: Medal of Labour (3rd Class) in Bronze

A fine contemporary strike of this intricate and artistically designed medal

The medal fitted with original silk riband

Condition: EF

Code: 11396Price: 35.00 GBP

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Deomocratic Republic of the Congo: Medal of Merit for Agriculture, or Medaille Merite Du Agricole

Bronze medal with original silk riband

Condition: GVF

Code: 14498Price: 15.00 GBP

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Czechoslovakia: War Cross 1939-1945 (Válečný Kříž)

Instituted on 20 December 1940, by the Czech 'Government in Exile' located in London, England

Note: Inspite of early capitualtion and subsequent enemy occupation, many thousands of Czech's made their way to allied countries (principlally France, Great Britain and Russia) to continue the fight against the Third Reich. Czech aircrew were second only to the Poles in the number of foreign allied crews who flow operationally during the Battle of Britain, and a Czech brigade and 3 x aircraft squadrons served under British command in North West Europe 1944-1945

The silk medal riband fitted with a two-pronged mounting pin, and as customary worn in the Czech style

Condition: About EF

Code: 18837Price:

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Czechoslovakia: Volunteer's Cross 1918-1919 (Pamětní Kříž Československého Dobrovolce)

Instituted in 1920

Awarded to those who served and fought during the formative years of the independent Czech Republic in 1918-1919, and in particular against the Hungarian Bolshevik forces operating in the Slovakia region

Condition: GVF

Code: 18835Price: 40.00 GBP

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East Germany (German Democratic Republic, or DDR, 1949-1990): Hans Beimer Medal for Volunteer Veterans of the Spanish Civil War 1936-1939. 3rd type silver plated

Medal fitted with full length five sided riband mount. This latter retaining the hinged pin and clasp fittings on reverse as issued

The Hans Beimler Medal (German: Hans Beimler Medaille) was a GDR decoration. The medal was instituted on 17 May 1956 and was awarded to East Germans who had fought in the Spanish civil war on the side of the republicans. The medal was named after Hans Beimler (1895-1936), the first 'Commissar' of the German Communist contingent and the XI International Brigade in Spain. The medal was presented in the name of the Chairman of the Council of Ministers

It is widely accepted that the most effective - and best - fighters in the ranks of the multi-national International Brigades were those drawn from Germany

Condition: About EF

Code: 19291Price:

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Egypt (Republic): Medal for Military Duty (Nuut al-Waagib al-Askarii). 2nd class 'Silver' medal. 1st type (1953-1959). With reverse Arabic date 1953

The silver medal with silver assay and Cairo Mint hallmarks on reverse of medal and reverse of suspension

Medal fitted with original length of stitched riband, suspended from a local medal mounting bar. The latter retaining the hinged pin and clasp fittings

The Medal of Military Duty was instituted on July 9, 1953 and awarded for faithful and courageous performance of non-combatant duty, to members of the armed forces, regardless of rank. This includes potential awards to cadets at service academies. Can be awarded posthumously and to foreigners, issued in three grades: I Class Gold Grade, II Class Silver Grade, and III Class Bronze Grade

Condition: VF

Code: 19860Price:

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Republic of Egypt: Lot comprising - Wound Medal (instituted 1959) & Wound Badge 'For 2 Wounds'

This lot (2 x items) comprises two distinctly different items of Egyptian 'Wound' insignia - notwithstanding that the Officers 'Wound Badge' in this lot has at one time been fitted on the silk riband of the 'Wound Medal'

1). Wound Badge (Officers): A fine gilt & enamelled breast badge. The obverse with Arabic script numeral '2' denoting the recipient was twice wounded in action. Reverse with hinged pin & clasp fittings

2). Wound Medal (Midalliyya Garahii' al-Harab): 2nd type reverse (1971-1984). With silver assay and and Cairo Mint hallmarks on reverse of medal and obverse of suspension

Wound Badge (Officers): The enamelled diamond lozenge shaped badge was instituted circa 1949, and is worn in uniform on the left breast above all medal ribands, and below 'Brevets (Wings). It is worn at all times in uniform when either medals or medal ribands were worn The centre of the badge is plain crimson for those 'once Wounded' and when issued to those wounded more than once an Arabic script numeral indicating the number of times a recipient has been wounded is included in the centre of the badge. The most famous of all Egyptian Officers known to have worn this insignia was General Mohamed Naguib (The first President of Egypt 1953-19544-) who had been wounded during the War against Israel in 1948. An image of General Naguib wearing his 'Wound Badge' is shown in the accompanying images for illustrative purposes only

Wound Medal: This award was instituted in 1959, for award to 'All Ranks' Officers & Other Ranks' who are 'Wounded-in-Action'. The medal with 3rd type reverse (since 1984) is still a current issue award, and in the Egyptian Order of Precedence is worn before all war and campaign medals

The wound medal fitted with a long length of original silk riband as issued

A very scarce 'Set' pairing of Egyptian awards - the early officers 'Wound Badge' being especially scarce

Condition: GVF

Code: 19742Price:

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Egypt (Kingdom): Israel War Medal 1948 (Medayet Falasteen). 1st type medal with 'King Farouk' portrait

Note: 2nd type medals issued 1952, are uniface with the portrait of King Farouk removed

Condition: GVF

Code: 19924Price:

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