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France: A most impressive & desirable 'Patriot & Resistance Member' multi-decoration World Wars medal group of 9: Monsieur Ernest Charles Billet, Forces Francaises Interieurs (F.F.I.), late Lieutenant 13th & 11th Infantry Regiments, French Army

The ensemble comprising;

- Legion D'Honneur. 5th Class breast badge. 3rd Republic issue with '1870' obverse
- Cross of War. Dated 1914-1917. 3 x 'Citations' (Bronze Palm, Silver & Bronze Stars)
- Resistance Medal 1940-1945 (Medaille de la Resistance)
- Combatants Cross (for Combat Service)
- Commemorative Medal 1914-1918
- Interallied Victory Medal
- Commemorative Medal 39-45. With 3 x reduced clasps; France, Liberation & Allemagne
- Verdun Medal 1916. 'Vernier' issue (Médaille de Verdun). Type I. With clasp 'Verdun'
- Wound Medal. Type 9 (Ref Daniel M. Byrne, 1996))

The medals are sold with below following original items;

- Officers ID Disc. Obverse: 1914 Ernest Billet. Reverse: Nevers Officier 1423
- Service Book. 13th Infanterie
- Combatants Card with photo (recipient wearing LOH in lapel). Dated 17 April 1944
- Service Card (Carte de Service) for Forces Francaises Interieures (FFI). Named & dated
- Appointment in 1942 as Administrative Agent for the Canton of Gamaches

Note: All 3 x Croix De Guerre awards are confirmed as awards for 1917 ( the Citation at Army Level, confirms being 'Wounded')

Legion of Honour: 5th Class Chevalier, awarded decree for 18 years service, and service in 5 x 'Campaigns' with citations

The recipients entire Great War service record including all 3 x award citations can be seen / downloaded at below website;


The recipients 'French Resistance' file / dossier (reference GR 16 P 60289) is extant and held in the file series pertaining to the 'Administrative Records of Resisters' held at 'Vincennes' where it can be accessed / ordered, see below link;


Ernest Charles Billet w, son of Louis Albert Billet & Marie Madeline Billet (nee Millard) as a native of Jouet-sur-l'Aubois, in the Cher Department of France where he was born on 27 June 1894. Ernest matriculated in the Classe of 1914 at Nevers - Nievre. By trade an agricultural cultivator, he joined the French Army in September 1914 and was posted to the 13th Infantry Regiment. His promotions were; Corporal,11 November 1914; Sergeant, 22 December 1914; Sous Lieutenant (Temporary),11 November 1917; Lieutenant, 3rd September 1922. Ernest was transferred to the 11th Infantry Regiment in November 1916. Other transfers / postings included service with 2e Bataillon de Tirailleurs Indigènes (a colonial unit) in 1917. Post-1918, Ernest now an officer, continued service as a Volunteer with the Army Reserves. Ernest's French Resistance service card confirms that he was recruited for the French Forces of the Interior in January 1944 - 6 months 'before' the Allies landed in Normandy. Under extreme threat of ever present danger - and dire consequences (torture, deportment, or death) if caught - the Great War thrice decorated 'Hero', acted as an intelligence agent gathering information of value to the Maquis - his role being classified as an 'Infomateur'

A superb 'World Wars' grouping to a heroic 'French Patriot'

All medals ribands attached with traditional 'Boules' , or mounting rods, as worn in the French style. Usual scuffs and chipping to enamel. The ephemera fair

Condition: Medals mostly GVF & better

Code: 19484Price:

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France: A fine unattributed mounted Second World War French 'Resistance' medal group of 3:


- Legion of Honour (Legion D'Honneur). 5th class 'Chevaliers' breast badge
- Resistance Medal 1940-1945 (Medaille de la Resistance). 1st Class 'Officer' grade
- War Commemorative Medal 39-45 (Medaille Commemorative 39-45). Clasp 'France'

The Legion of Honour with 'Sanglier' silver hallmark , or 'Poincon'

The 'Resistance' medal was the second decoration instituted by the Free French, under General De Gaulle, and was created in 1943. Only an estimated 4586 x 'Medal of Resistance' of the 1st Class 'Officer' class were awarded

The 'Liberation' clasp on the Commemorative Medal, was awarded for service in mainland France and the isle of Corsica, between 25 June 1940 and 8 May 1945. The medal with Paris Mint 'Cornucopia' logo and bronze metal hallmarks on reverse

The group mounted on a mounting-rod, or 'Boule', in the tradtional French style

Only minor chipping to LOH, otherwise an attractive combination of awards mounted in the 'Ladder' style

Condition: GVF

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France: Legion of Honour (La Legion D'Honneur). 5th Class 'Chevalier' (Knight) breast badge in silver, gilt & enamel. An award of the 3rd Republic (circa 1870-1940). With dated '1870' obverse

The mixed ribbon (Ruban Mixte) with colours of the Legion D'Honneur and Croix De Guerre, denoting a veteran who had earned both awards. The ribbon adorned with 4 x reduced size 'Bronze Stars' indicating that the veteran had received 4 x 'Citations' at either Regiment or Brigade level

Note: This is the type of award (3rd Republic circa 1870-1940) that was presented & worn to those decorated for service in both 'World Wars'

A nicely toned example with usual scuffs & chipping to enamel consistent with having been worn

Uncommon seen fitted with 'Ruban Mixte'

Condition: Toned VF

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France: Legion of Honour (La Legion D'Honneur). 5th Class 'Chevalier' breast badge in silver, gilt & enamel with gold centres. An award of the 3rd Republic (circa 1870-1940). With dated '1870' obverse, and contained in plush case of issue

Note: This is the type of award presented to those decorated for service in the 'World Wars'

Sold together with plush hinged leatherette case of issue, and companion button-hole lapel badge with silk rosette of the Legion D'Honneur

The original stitched silk riband suspended from a two pronged mounting pin, or 'epingle' as worn in the French style

A most attractive example of this prestigious award

Condition: Toned about EF

Code: 17425Price: 125.00 GBP

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France: Legion of Honour. 5th Class 'Chevalier' (Knight) breast badge in gilt & enamel. 4th Republic issue with undated 'Single Star' obverse circa 1946-1962. An exquisite 'Deluxe Model'

A superb quality example of the Legion D'Donneur as awarded during the post-1945 wars in Indochina, Algeria and all other conflicts in the era 1946-1962

The silk riband fitted with a two-pronged mounting pin, or 'epingle' as worn in the French style

A choice example

Condition: EF

Code: 19311Price: 110.00 GBP

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France: Legion of Honour . 4th Class 'Officer' class breast badge in gilt & enamel with silk rosette on riband. An award of the 5th Republic (1962-) 'Undated' obverse type '29 Fioreal Anx' on reverse legend. With LOH Fourragere

A current issue of the award type presented since circa 1962, including for services in North Africa (Mauratania / Mali), Afghanistan, Kosovo, Gulf etc

The original stitched silk riband suspended from a mounting 'Boule,' and fitted / draped with;

- Fourragere LOH: For a unit that has been 'Mentioned' (Cited) in Army Orders between 6-8 times

Condition: EF

Code: 17420Price: 125.00 GBP

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France: An unattributed 'Distinguished Campaign Service' medal pair for Colonial service in Africa and Indian Ocean Territories

The mounted pair comprises;

- Medaille Militiaire (Military Medal). 1870 dated obverse of the 'Third Republic'
- Colonial Medal Medaille Coloniale: Madagascar, Afrique Equatoriale Francaise & Maroc

The Medaille Militaire with Paris Mint hallmarks on obverse

The Colonial Medal is of the official 'Intermediary' (1913) Paris Mint type with single sided suspension wreath. The medal with Paris Mint hallmarks comprising the word 'Argent' (silver) between twin 'Cornucopia' logos

The clasps on the Colonial Medal are all by the Paris maker 'Mourgeon', and represent services as under;

'Madagascar': The clasp was instituted on 7 June 1895, and was made retrospective to reward personnel who served in numerous specified military operations (Campaigns & Punitive Expeditions) between 1829-1947 that took place on Madagascar and neighbouring islands

'Afrique Equatoriale Francaise': The clasp was instituted by decree of 31 August 1910, and awarded for numerous specified campaigns in the territories of French Equatorial Africa between circa 1910-1937. Exceptionally the clasp was further awarded to air-crew who completed 300 or more hours flying time over the Equatorial Rain Forest in the period 1945-1949. French Equatorial Africa (French: Afrique équatoriale française), or the AEF, was the federation of French colonial possessions in Central Africa, extending northwards from the Congo River to the Sahara, and comprising what are today the countries of Chad, the Central African Republic, Cameroon, the Republic of the Congo, and Gabon

'Maroc': The clasp was instituted on 28 April 1914, and was awarded for numerous specified campaigns and punitive expeditions that took place in Morocco circa 1912-1938

Both of the medals are mounted as-worn in the French style, the original stitched silk ribands suspended from a mounting rod, or 'Boule'

An impressive medal pair

Condition: GVF

Code: 18624Price: 175.00 GBP

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France: Military Medal (Médaille Militaire). 3rd Republic type circa 1870-1940

Important: The riband draped with a miniature 'Fourragere' in the colours of the Croix De Guerre T.O.E.

The Croix De Guerre T.O.E. was awarded for specifiied overseas wars / campaigns post armistice 1918-1939, and was revived again for specified overseas wars and campaign post 1945

The 'Fourragere' denotes that the recipients unit was 'Mentioned' (Cited) in Army Orders between 2-3 times

Note: Dated '1870' III Republic Medals, are of the type awarded in both 'World Wars', and through to circa 1952, including Korea and Indochina Wars

The medal with two Paris Mint 'Cornucopia' logos and numeral '1' marks on lower tie of obverse wreath

The medal suspended from a mounting rod, or 'Boule', as-worn in the traditional French style

An attractive adorned decoration

Condition: Above GVF

Code: 18497Price: 75.00 GBP

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France: An unattributed distinguished 'Madagascar' colonial service medal group of 3 mounted in a contemporary glazed glazed frame

- France: Military Medal (Médaille Militaire), 3rd Republic, 1870-1940 issue
- France: Madagascar Medal (2nd Expedition) 1895 (Medaille Du Madagascar 1895)
- France: Colonial Medal (la Medaille Coloniale). First type. With 1 x clapet 'Madagascar'

Note: Each of the medals with contemporary makers marks and or assay marks 'poincons'. The Medal Militaire with 'Paris Mint' marks of numeral '1' between 2 x 'Corunucopias'. The Madagascar Medal with Paris Mint Cornucopia and 'Argent' (silver) indented on the flat rim. The Colonial Medal with makers marks on wreath, silver assay marks 'poincons' on clapet and with Paris Mint Cornucopia and 'Argent' (silver) indented on the flat rim.

The medals individually mounted suspended on their original silk ribands from 'Boule' bars attached to a velvet covered board, all contained in a contemporary tropical hardwood (?) glazed case.

Dimensions of case are approx 25cm x 6cm. The case with glazed panel and detachable back-board. The back of the case fitted with stand for desk-top display and loops for mounting on cord as a wall display

The silver medals toned with patina

A superb combination of medals in a contemporary customised veteran's display

Important: Postage is quoted basis the weight (heavy) & packaging (special) required. If purchased by an overseas buyer, we will remove and dispose of the glass panel prior to sending. While we will pack the item carefully, we accept no liability for any breakages to glass in transit if clients request the glass pane sent

A superb period display that would enhance any collectors room!

Condition: Medals toned GVF

Code: 17082Price: 250.00 GBP

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France: Military Medal (Médaille Militaire), 3rd Republic, 1870-1940 type. In card box

Note: This is the type of medal that was awarded throughout both 'World Wars'

Sold contained in a card box, with name of medal and attributed recipients name hand-written name on lid

The riband attached to a two pronged mounting pin (epingle) for wear in the French style

Condition: Medal EF

Code: 18276Price: 35.00 GBP

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