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Pakistan: 50 Years Jubilee of Anniversary of Independence Medal 1947-1997

Awarded to 'All-Ranks' of uniformed services personnel who were in service on 14 August 1997

Condition: GVF

Code: 20446

12.00 GBP

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Pakistan: Commemorative Medal for Nuclear Bomb Tests 1998

The medal was created in 1998 in celebration of the successful multiple underground nuclear tests, carried out on, 28 May 1998, at a mountain range located in the Ras Koh range, Chagai District, Baluchistan Province. The tests were in the wake of Indian nuclear detonations that had bene carried out only weeks earlier in the same month

Awarded to 'All-Ranks' of the Armed Forces who were in service on 28 May 1998

Condition: GVF

Code: 20447

12.00 GBP

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Thailand (Kingdom of Siam): East Asia Campaign Service Medal 1941-1945

Complete with integral top brooch bar with pin to reverse

The medal was awarded for the border-war campaigns against French Indochina (Laos / Cambodia / Vietnam) 1941-1942, and other specified active service in South East Asia during the Second World War

Condition: GVF

Code: 20339

45.00 GBP

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Chile: Order of Merit. 4th Class 'Officer' enamelled breast badge. Customised with replaced centres for the Silver Campaign Star for the Campaign against Bolivia & Peru 1879-80

Important: The obverse and reverse centres on this Order are not those of the Order of Merit, but are the centres of the considerably rarer Chilean 'Star for the Campaign against Bolivia and Peru, 1879-1880' (Campana A Bolivia I El Peru 1879-1880)

In Spanish language the order is called 'Medallas Orden al Mérito de Chile, Oficial'

The order fitted with original length of riband and brooch buckle fitting as issued. The riband with silk rosette denoting the award to an 'Officer'

Unusually, this Order was originally instituted to reward both Chilean Military Officers who were training or on secondment to foreign and allied nations, and to foreign nationals who were military & diplomatic officers from friendly & allied nations (including officers from the armed forces of Great Britain & United States of Amerca)

The award criteria for what foreign officers ae eligible for this grade of the Order are:

First Secretaries of Embassies, Private Consuls, Majors and Army Captains, Corvette Captains and First Lieutenants of the Navy, Squadron Commanders and Aviation Flight Captains and superior officers of the Order and Security Forces,
Judges of Letters, members of the Municipalities and authorities of the same category

An interesting - and useful - customised Chilean order

Condition: GVF

Code: 20369

80.00 GBP

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International Commission for Supervision and Control (ICSC): ICSC Medal

Medal fitted with a original clean stitched length of silk 'tricolour' riband

Awarded for 90 days service after 7 August 1954, in any of the three countries of the Indochina region, comprising Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia to military & civilian personnel of the 3 x participating member countries that formed the ICSC (India, Canada & Poland)

By 1965, and the escalation of the 'American-Vietnam War', the effectiveness of the ICSC had to all intents dwindled, with only token personnel in theatre - and no substantive reports being returned after that year

It is estimated that 1,403 x Canadians (the only Commonwealth country to participate in the International Commission for Supervision and Control) received the medal

Scarce seen

Condition: About EF

Code: 20357

175.00 GBP

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Thailand: The Most Illustrious Order of Chula Chom Klao. 3rd Class 'Junior Companion' Breast Badge

The Order in silver and enamel, with blue enamelled crown suspension'. The riband complete with two-pronged issue riband buckle

The Order was established in 1873 by King Rama V to commemorate the 90th Jubilee of the Chakri Dynasty, and is awarded in seven classes (three classes for men, and four classes for women). The obverse of the badge has a portrait of a young King Rama V, while the central enamelled band has His Majesty's Name in the central band with legend 'I Shall Maintain My Royal Family'. The distinctive pink riband signifies His Majesty's birthday colour of pink. The Order is awarded to members of Royal Families and Royal Households including Foreign Royals and Foreign Royal Households

A scarce item of insignia, not least as there are only 100 male members of this class of the order at any one time

A nicely age toned example of a scarce seen Thai order

Scarce seen on the market complete with integral buckle and original silk riband

Condition: GVF

Code: 20341


Republic of South Vietnam: Gallantry Cross (Anh-Dung Boi-Tinh / Croix de la Vallance). With bronze 'Star' & 'Palm' emblems on riband

The emblems denote:

- Bronze Star: The recipient received a citation at the Regiment or Brigade level

- Bronze 'Palm': The recipient received a citation at the Army or Armed Forces level

The medal with mounting bar fitted on riband, this retaining the original hinged pin

A fine quality 'Foreign' (United States) strike

The medal complete with original mounting bar fitted on reverse of riband. This retaining the original hinged pin and intricate drop-lock clasp as issued

A 'Foreign Made' strike, the reverse of the Gallantry Cross with makers mark 'H'

Condition: About EF

Code: 20293


Yugoslavia (Democratic Federal Yugoslavia): Medal for Merit to the Nation (Instituted 1945). 1st Type. Bronze Gilt

A first type award with reverse 'Zaglube' legend

Instituted in 1945. The award continued to be awarded after the creation of the post-war (Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia). It is estimated that 430,666 awards were made during the life of the medal

Dimension: Approx 37mm in diameter

The medal mounted as worn, the original riband mounted on a five edged suspension mounting plate, this latter retaining its reverse pin and clasp fittings

Condition: EF

Code: 19986

25.00 GBP

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Romania (Kingdom): Crusade Against Communism Medal 1942-1944 (Medalia Cruciada Impotriva Comunismului 1942-1944). No clasp(s)

A Romanian strike with designers signature 'P Grant' on obverse

Effectively this was Romania's 'War Medal' for award to their personnel who served in the period 1942-1944, during which Romania was an Axis ally of Nazi Germany, and during which period the Romanian's served in large numbers on the Eastern Front fighting against the forces of the Soviet Union

Condition: GVF

Code: 19999

25.00 GBP

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Pakistan: 1971 Pakistan-India War Medal (Tamgha-e-Jang 1971)

Awarded to all personnel of the Pakistan Armed Forces and specified uniformed services who served during the period of the Pakistan-India War of 1971

Condition: GVF

Code: 20001

10.00 GBP

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