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A South African 'War Against Japan' WW2 medal group of 5 to a 'Springbok': Able Seaman Garth Hugh Mundell, attached Royal Navy, late Combined Operations & H.M.S Indomitable (Aircraft Carrier)

- The 1939-1945 Star (586409 G.H. Mundell)
- The Burma Star. 'Pacific' clasp (586409 G.H. Mundell)
- Defence Medal (586409 G.H. Mundell)
- War Medal (586409 G.H. Mundell)
- Africa Service Medal. Silver (586409 G.H. Mundell)

Note: All medals are officially impressed named medals as struck and issued by the Pretoria Mint

Rarity: Only an estimated 1932 x Burma Stars confirmed awarded to South African personnel, of which only an estimated 295 x earned the clasp 'Pacific' (Ref South Africa and the War Against Japan 1941-1945 (Cdr W. E. Bisset, South African Naval Museum, Simons Town, published Scientia Militaria, South African Journal of Military Studies, Vol 25, Nr 2, 1995. http://scientiamilitaria.journals.ac.za )

Important: All medals and clasp confirmed and enumerated on accompanying hard-copy service papers and original ephemera

Sold together with:

- O.H.M.S. registered letter addressed to recipient in South Africa
- 6 x marked manila paper envelopes of issues form the Pretoria Mint
- Original named and dated discharge certificate
- Letter to Commander Bisset itemising medals & clasp earned
- Photocopied hard set of service papers confirming all medals earned

Hugh Garth Mundell son of Hugh Mundell was a South African of British descent who was born at Mount Frere, East Griqualand, Union of South Africa, on 17 April 1925. Prior to volunteering to join the South African Naval Force at Durban, Natal, on 28 July 1943 (at age 18 years 3 months), Hugh had been employed as a 'Shop Assistant'. On 28 July 1943, he took his 'Oath' to volunteer for 'Service Anywhere'. Garth's service sheet lists his subsequent Second World War postings in order:

- Durban Port Detachment: 27 July 1943 to 30 July 1943
- Cape Town Detachment: 31 July 1943 to 1 October 1943
- H.M.S. Afrikander: 2 October 1943 to 12 October 1943
- Seconded to Royal Navy: With effect from 1 October 1943
- H.M.S. Assegai: 13 October 1943 to 15 December 1943
- H.M.S. Braganza (Bombay): 16 December 1943 'Combined Ops'
- H.M.S. Indomitable (Aircraft Carrier): Served from July 1944
- H.M.S. Kongoni (Durban Shore Base): 17 December 1945
- Ceased to be seconded to Royal Navy: 25 January 1946
- Discharged from South Africa Naval Force 28 January 1946

H.M.S. Indomitable - Aircraft Carrier - after a passage to Trincomalee, joined the Eastern Fleet on 5 July 1944. At which time Hugh appears (the service papers have clipped dates showing **y 1944 (?)) to have been posted from H.M.S. Braganza / Combined Operations for service aboard Indomitable. While it is possible that Hugh's service with 'Combined Operations' (Landing Craft) may have prior earned him the Burma Star for service in the Bay of Bengal, the only warship shown on Hugh's service sheet that is definitely known to have served in the Bay of Bengal & Indian Ocean (qualifying for the Burma Star) and later deployed to join the Pacific Fleet in 1945, was the Aircraft Carrier H.M.S. Indomitable

H.M.S. indomitable together with H.M.S. Victorious launched bombers against Sumatra in August and September 1944. They later bombed the Nicobar Islands, after which Indomitable joined up with Illustrious to attack Medan and Sumatra again on 20 December 1944 The following year, Indomitable joined the British Pacific Fleet. On 4 January 1945 she, her sister ship Victorious and another fleet carrier Indefatigable attacked Medan. Subsequent actions were taken against Palembang and Sumatra, later in January. On 4 May 1945 she was hit by a kamikaze, but her armoured flight deck saved her from serious damage. In August, with the war ending, Indomitable supported the liberation of Hong Kong, arriving after a landing party from HMCS Prince Robert had taken the Japanese surrender. Her aircraft flew the carrier's last combat missions of the war and of her career on 31 August and 1 September against Japanese suicide boats which were attacking British forces

A very scarce named 'War Against Japan' medal group to a South African who served with 'Combined Operations' (in support of Royal Marine Commandos) in India later aboard the British Aircraft Carrier H.M.S. in operations against the Japanese in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, and strikes against Sumatra Island, and later served in the Pacific including being present at the Liberation of Hong Kong

Condition: GVF

Code: 20443


The Air Crew Europe Star

An original Royal Mint strike

The medal fitted with its original 'pinked' silk riband and contained in greasproof packet of issue

Condition: About EF

Code: 20471


The Burma Star

An original Royal Mint strike

Condition: About EF

Code: 20467

25.00 GBP

Shortlist item
The Italy Star

An original Royal Mint strike

Condition: GVF

Code: 20466

20.00 GBP

Shortlist item
Colonial Prison Service Long Service Medal. EIIR first issue (19 Ch. Warder Mohd. Lancy Bin Kaman. Fed. Malaya)

The medal with official corrections to naming, and typical for this particular medal issue

Note: The recipients 'service number' is 19 - indicating an original muster on the rolls of the Federated Malaya Prison Service

The recipient was of Malay ethnicity and was holding the rank of 'Chief Warder' in the Federation of Malaya Prisons Service

The medal was awarded for 18 years continuous or aggregated full-time and continuous service

Interestingly all members of the Federation of Malaya Prison Service who qualified for the medal, had served prior to - and presumably through - the war years (subject to screening by the retunring British colonial authority post liberation in September 1945). Unlike the experience of the Federation of Malaya Police, and Straits Settlements Police, the personnel of the Prisons Service in Malaya did not qualify for any of the Second World War campaign medals, or the post-war General Service Medal with clasp 'Malaya', unless they had qualified for such medal while performing other uniformed service

An especially rare colonial issue for Malaya (now Malaysia), as the Regualtions for the award of Colonial Prison Service Medal was published in the Federation of Malaya Government Gazette of 30 May 1957, however only l3 x months later the Federation of Malay became a fully independent country, from the 31 August 1957. Except for retrospective / late claims, The Malaysian Prison Service no longer qualified for the award of the Colonial Prison Services Medal after 31 August 1957


Condition: GVF

Code: 20451


Pakistan: 50 Years Jubilee of Anniversary of Independence Medal 1947-1997

Awarded to 'All-Ranks' of uniformed services personnel who were in service on 14 August 1997

Condition: GVF

Code: 20446

12.00 GBP

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Pakistan: Commemorative Medal for Nuclear Bomb Tests 1998

The medal was created in 1998 in celebration of thesuccessful multiple underground nuclear tests, carried out on, 28 May 1998, at a mountain range located in the Ras Koh range, Chagai District, Baluchistan Province. The tests were in the wake of Indian nuclear detonations that had bene carried out only weeks earlier in the same month

Awarded to 'All-Ranks' of the Armed Forces who were in service on 28 May 1998

Condition: GVF

Code: 20447

12.00 GBP

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United States: Silver Star Medal. Current issue. In case of issue

with government contractors marks for 'G27' on reverse of 9mm 'crimp' style mounting brooch, in use since circa 1985

Medal riband fitted with crimp brooch and intricate drop-lock and long- hinged pin & clasp fittings, as issued

The medal contained in its original plush hinged case of issue. This complete with silk ribbon bar and enamelled riband lapel pin - a set - the ribbon and pin complete with their original issue fittings.

A contemporary award as issued to personnel decorated for services in the Gulf War, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq War and during all of the operations associated with the War against Terrorism

Condition: EF

Code: 20445

40.00 GBP

Shortlist item
United States: American Campaign Medal. Strike by Heckethorn Mfg. & Supply Co

A very early - and attractive - 'Chocolate' strike by Heckethorn Mfg. & Supply Co, Littlehorn, Colarado

The medal mounted on the original unmarked 12mm crimp brooch, sans pin with intricate drop-lock clasp fittings. The medal supended from a silk moire corded riband

Sold together with a silk riband bar

Contained in blue card box of issue, this with label 'Stock number 71-M-912-75' Medal Campaign and Service American Campaign Complete Heckethorn Mfg. & Supply Co, Littlehorn, Colarado'

The American Campaign Medal is a military award of the United States Armed Forces which was first created on November 6, 1942, by Executive Order 9265 issued by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The medal was intended to recognize those military members who had performed military service in the American Theater of Operations during World War II.

The requirements for the American Campaign Medal were for service within the American Theater between 7 December 1941 and 2 March 1946 under any of the following conditions:

- On permanent assignment outside the continental limits of the United States

- Permanently assigned as a member of a crew of a vessel sailing ocean waters for a period of 30 consecutive days or 60 nonconsecutive days

- Outside the continental limits of the United States in a passenger status or on temporary duty for 30 consecutive days or 60 nonconsecutive days

- In active combat against the enemy and was awarded a combat decoration or furnished a certificate by the commanding general of a corps, higher unit, or independent force that the Soldier actually participated in combat

- Within the continental limits of the United States for an aggregate period of 1 year

The boundaries of American Theater are as follows: The eastern boundary is located from the North Pole, south along the 75th meridian west longitude to the 77th parallel north latitude, thence southeast through Davis Strait to the intersection of the 40th parallel north latitude and the 35th meridian west longitude, thence south along the meridian to the 10th parallel north latitude, thence southeast to the intersection of the Equator and the 20th meridian west longitude, thence south along the 20th meridian west longitude to the South Pole

The western boundary is located from the North Pole, south along the 141st meridian west longitude to the east boundary of Alaska, thence south and southeast along the Alaska boundary to the Pacific Ocean, thence south along the 130th meridian to its intersection with the 30th parallel north latitude, thence southeast to the intersection of the Equator and the 100th meridian west longitude, thence south to the South Pole

Condition: EF

Code: 20422

26.00 GBP

Shortlist item
United States: Coast Guard Good Conduct Medal. 1st type Medal (circa 1926-1954)

Contained in an unmarked blue card box of issue

A good very early 1st type 'Matt' bronzed finish strike of this Coast Guard medal

The medal riband is fitted with its integral top pinned 'U.S. Coast Guard' brooch bar, complete with long-hinged pin & intricate drop-lock clasp fittings, as issued

The Coast Guard Good Conduct Medal was authorized by the Commandant on 18 May 1921, but not designed until 1923. The medal was originally issued with a straight suspender and integral top brooch bar. Following the Korean War, the Coat Guard Good Conduct Medal stopped being issued with an integral brooch top bar

Condition: EF

Code: 20418


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